from those who have worked with and for Phil:

The events businesses for which Phil Ives had responsibility at Progressive Digital Media plc enjoyed truly exceptional growth and success throughout the challenging trading circumstances of 2009 and 2010 - a period when the vast majority of the competition was retrenching. He brings a rare level of energy and upbeat passion to any business, generating the highest levels of performance from his people. He is swift to identify key areas for improvement, and drives significant and critical change in a positive, high motivation environment. 

Mike Danson, Chairman,



Philip Ives gets people!

He understand what makes them tick and delivers the sort of coaching and development that helps people grow and succeed.

Philip understands people's concerns and potential adversity to change and together we managed the change process at a sensible pace.

As arguably one of the most empathic MD's I have worked with in 13 years of sales management, Philip took time out of his day to understand what drives sales people to success. This is reflected in the low attrition rates and notable growth results in the sales teams who worked for him.

My teams and I have worked with Philip over the past two years on subjects as diverse as running effective appraisals to large group problem solving sessions using De Bono's Six thinking hats. In every session Philip met the outcomes needed from each session through careful planning and his expert delivery. Thanks to Philip's talent for people development, my teams and the overall departmental profitability have significantly prospered, making him the obvious choice for all my future development plans.

Greg Sewell, Sales Director,
IIR Telecoms & Media, London

I've known and worked with Phil for more than 12 years. It's clear to me that he has a sincere belief in supporting and developing employees at all levels, and that this has been at the heart of the significant financial results he's achieved across a number of businesses.

His natural passion and strength of belief are infectious and he repeatedly inspires others to achieve more than they had previously believed possible.

I have seen many successful managers and leaders evolve under his mentorship and practical guidance. I believe his methods and approaches to be extremely transferable and useful for anyone looking to enhance personal effectiveness, transform motivation levels and productivity - and generate improved financial performance!

Russell Wilcox, CEO,
Clarion Conferences, London



As Walter Wriston, the former legendary head of Citibank once said ‘The person who figures out how to harness the collective genius of the people in his/her organization is going to blow the competition away’ -  and that is exactly what Phil did during the two years that I worked for him.

His leadership and vision for the company, and genuine passion for getting the best out of people, drove us all to achieve far greater heights than anyone thought imaginable. Indeed his infectious energy, goal orientated attitude and ability to raise the bar ever higher is still very much a source of inspiration for me today.

Phil though is not only a remarkable leader who combines strategic insight with a practical hands-on approach but he is also an effective communicator and perhaps more importantly someone who can draw out the business and leadership skills in others. He truly embodies a whole wealth of management techniques, which he brings together in his own unique formula and always with a great sense offun!

Whether it is developing leaders to achieve solid business success, building great teams or enhancing manager and employee productivity, Phil will leave you with the management tools and enthusiams to achieve your business goals

Simon Eder, CEO, The Infinity Group, Dubai


The success of the businesses in which Phil has been involved has, in no small part, been due to the fact that he inspires employees to take responsibility for themselves and their performance; to stretch themselves; to continually raise their standards and expectations; to turn ideas into actions; not to settle for anything less than the very best; and to enjoy themselves in the process!

As a leader of people, or as a trainer of leaders, few can touch him on such issues.

James Barber, Head of Sales, EMEA,
IQPC Group

I worked closely with Phil for 5 years. During this time, his obsessive focus on the positive coaching and upskilling of all members of the executive management team directly led to our ever greater personal performances, and thereby our ever greater business results.

More than anyone, he influenced and drove my professional and personal development.

As a business leader myself now, I can truthfully say that the many, many lessons I learnt from Phil remain with me on a day to day, practicable basis. Today he is both a friend and highly valued advisor.

Charlie James, Managing Director,
International Quality & Produtivity Centre Pty, Sydney

Phil Ives was Managing Director of Arena International Events Group from December 2008 to April 2011. Throughout that period, he demonstrated an exceptional understanding of the drivers of business growth, and the skill set to turn that understanding into decisive actions and quick results. His balanced focus on product quality, new product launches, sales and revenue growth, cost control/reduction and his staff across multiple territories (recruitment, development, retention and empowerment) directly led both AIEG businesses to experience outstanding and continuous profit growth throughout his tenure..

Simon Pyper, CEO,


Respect and honest communication are Phil's central values.

With his clear empathy for the challenges of the individual, he has an uncanny knack of helping you identify and channel your own challenges, talents, and even foibles! Phil has personally experienced, and successfully navigated, pretty much everything ever likely to be faced by people who lead others. And his approach is a beacon to anyone looking for a high-performing, ethical culture that involves getting the right results - but in the right way.

What makes him so energising and refreshing is that he does all this with a huge dollop of humour and a good slug of honest self-deprecation. Phil will leave you in no doubt that it's what you give to - and get from - people that creates the beating heart at the centre of anything really important in life, whether in business or

Sue Anderson, Commercial & Communications Director,

Philip's ability to motivate and inspire, together with his consummate knowledge of every aspect of business, make him a valuable training tool for any organisation looking to move to the next level

Marco Fernandez, General Manager
Terrapinn UK, London

Businesses that succeed on a sustainable basis understand and act upon the importance of investing time and energies in the continuous development of their people.

Phil is a vociferous advocate of this approach, and a long-time, highly-effective exponent of training and coaching which helps managers (senior and new) to build on their strengths; to translate intention into action; to win high motivation and loyalty and to release the innate talent so often left dormant. His easygoing, common sense style is refreshing and makes for extremely positive collaboration.

Bill Penney, Managing Director,
WBR Toronto

Phil Ives turns visions of success into profitable realities.  At World Trade Group (WTG), Phil quickly turned an office of green, non-communicative managers and disparate uncontrollable staff into a cohesive, productive and thriving team.  With his business acumen, innate leadership abilities and confident charisma, Phil motivated staff to work towards common business goals; no mean feat after years of constant changes in management.

Phil is one of the few people with the ability and the will to marry sound, traditional business practices with a genuine company loyalty and dedication to his staff.  His understanding of the different facets of business provides balanced direction and a strong foundation for future growth. He empowers his staff to do their very best to drive the business forward.

I reported directly to him and I leaned on him to help me with my areas of weakness.  As a boss, Phil is diplomatic, wise and compassionate, but also unafraid to make unpopular decisions when they are best for the business. 

What I learned most importantly from Phil is the importance of regular, clear communication. 

Phil is without a doubt the most talented person I have ever worked for.

Katrina McKay
Senior Account Executive,
Kaleidoscope Marketing & Communications, Toronto

I can say wholeheartedly that Phil is the best manager I have had in my career yet and that I learnt more from him in six months than I did in the previous six years combined.  

Having struggled with soft skills in the past I was initially concerned about meeting his expectations. However his non-threatening, collaborative approach meant that my fears were soon alleviated.  

His energy, patience and instinctive ability to read situations and people meant that I was rapidly able to develop the skills to become a better manager and quickly benefit from improved performance from both myself and my team.

Vice President, International Media Company, North America


Phil was a motivational, supportive and constructive people manager with natural leadership skills, and commanded the support, loyalty and commitment of those reporting directly and indirectly to him.

He always strove to drive the business forward in terms of expansion, revenue, profit growth, cost control and in driving continuous improvement across all departments.

He encouraged others to seek opportunies for different and alternative approaches to addressing challenges and opportunities, facilitating the implementation and acceptance of change within the workplace.

He promoted a culture of inclusion, developing an open and honest environment in which to work whilst simultaneously creating an environment where staff are continually urged to question, debate and make a difference.

He continually pushed himself to up the bar, never settling for good to average results.

Steve Goldring, Group Managing Director,
Worldwide Business Research

Phil Ives has the rare ability to take all the years of his practical experience and convert it into meaningful training sessions that are filled with easy-to-execute methodologies.

As a coach, Phil is able to provide support and direction across a wide range of disciplines.

With Phil’s guidance I have been able to develop my own skills and my direct reports’ both rapidly and profitably. I am confident that the knowledge I have gained working with Phil has enriched my arsenal of management tactics and future career opportunities.

Mark Barrett, Delegate Sales Director,
World Trade Group Inc, North America

I worked for Phil for 4 years. He was always accessible, constructive and supportive whilst never being diverted from how to optimise profits - not least in helping shape product to be truly sales-friendly.

His departure ended a golden era for the company. My position now as a business head is directly attributable to what I learnt from Phil, and the passion he infected me with (as so many others) for business. He continues to be a source of inspiration professionally and personally and his personal flair for training and development added new heights to my own development.

Bansri Shah
Executive Director - CONFEX Division, IIR Middle East, Dubai


I worked for Phil for over five years.His ideas and experience were instrumental in driving the TradeTech series of events to the outstanding global success they achieved.

Philip is an inspirational trainer, employing just the right mix of expert knowledge and fun to ensure that not only does the message get through, it is remembered and acted upon long afterwards. If you want to get the best out of people, Philip's skills will ensure they perform to their utmost ability.

Sally Davies, Senior Consultant, Real-Recruitment Ltd
Former Director, TradeTech Europe and TradeTech Asia

I found Phil to be a truly inspirational leader with a clear and compelling vision.

His ability to impart his extensive knowledge and experience in a logical and simplified manner makes him an exceptionally effective trainer.

Phil's extraordinary business leadership skills have taught me a great deal and made me a stronger business professional.

Shiva Khosrawan, Assistant Digital Strategist,
OMD, Toront0

I had been the Recruitment Manager and HR Generalist for 2 years prior to Phil taking over the company as CEO. I was only too aware of some of the issues he faced when he arrived. The company had previously lacked proper leadership, and had really suffered badly as a result. 

When I first met Phil he spoke in a language I understood, there was no bullshit and no promises, only a clear picture of what needed to be done.  He was excited by the challenge and it rubbed off.

One of the first things he did was to get the management team working together. He got us communicating like a management team, leading like a management team and performing like a management team.  All of a sudden we became knowledgeable as to where the business was at and became aware as to what we had to do to get the business performing.  It was a daunting situation with no quick fix but we knew we had his support, belief and commitment. To have someone running the company with his track record was huge - each of us bought into Phil in an instant and gave him our full support. 

What followed was a clear set of values and goals with which to define the ways in which we worked and how as a team we would achieve them. Phil bred professionalism, confidence, commitment, a sense of pride of ownership of being there. 

Phil fostered an environment of openness and self-directed leadership. From non- performers came leaders, junior members ran workshops on time management, sales and marketing and earned themselves promotions as a result of their initiatives.  New employees were being mentored, departments began communicating and for the first time people were being truly led and valued.  For that kind of a change to happen you need know-how, passion, a commitment to change, clear goals and clear action plans and perhaps most importantly a belief from the employees themselves that they can do it and there was an abundance of belief in Phil from all divisions. 

It was all about the follow through with Phil and that was one of his greatest strengths.  As a manager he gave me respect and as a result he got the best out of me. 

I have never seen anyone quite as good at what they do.

Andrew Smith, former Head of HR and Recruitment
World Trade Group North America

Over the years, I have worked closely alongside Phil in identifying training needs, preparing training programs on widely varying subjects and of very different durations, and subsequently observed him deliver the materials. I can strongly recommend him as someone whose work is inclusive, challenging, appropriately targeted and paced, wholly relevant, fun and acutely focused on identifying clear action points that relate directly to the needs of the individual and the business.

The feedback from my staff about his training has always been immensely positive - and, crucially, the results he has left them with have always been both evident and enduring.

A major reason for the ‘stickability’ of Phil’s work is his unusual emphasis on, and practical techniques for, follow through, testing and reinforcement.

Outstanding ROI!

Amit Das, Managing Director,
Worldwide Business Research North America
New York