“The last reliable source of competitive advantage is human capital”
Peter Drucker

- Philip Ives -

Based on 20 years in a wide variety of roles, industries and continents, Philip Ives’ rare set of hard-won experiences has formed his perspectives on how to realise the potential of people and businesses in a sustainable way.

His approach is based on a simple belief:
People are a company’s foremost asset.

Inspiring, motivating, training, coaching and developing that very asset in order to achieve  exceptional performance is the ultimate key to strong business performance that lasts - irrespective of economic cycles.

Of course, on an intellectual level, many senior executives would agree. However, in practice, it is still surprisingly uncommon to find organisations which have truly turned this belief into clear, consistent, simple, practicable actions – which cost nothing. As such, these organisations are depriving themselves of the tangible, measurable benefits of:

Whether through 1-2-1 coaching or group training, Philip currently has some limited availability to help senior executives capitalise on their human capital and thus maximise business results in the following cities: Dubai, London, Singapore, New York, Johannesburg and Sydney.

No company can expect to beat the competition unless it has the best human capital
Larry Bossidy, CEO, Honeywell