KAIZEN – continuous improvement: steady, incremental and constant



The role of the business leader is often a solitary one as Philip knows well. Increasing numbers of top executives from top companies have learnt that at times is it absolutely invaluable to work with:

  • a partner - in order to discuss specific business challenges and situations one-to-one and in total confidence
  • a peer - who can be a sounding board for brainstorming new ideas and creative solutions and exploring alternative approaches
  • a guide - who offers fresh insight - and strong support in making difficult decisions and following them through
  • an ally - who truly understands the difficulties you face and can genuinely help you identify the key priorities and strategies for executing them
  • an impartial coach - who will provide a laser-like focus on your personal effectiveness by encouraging you to focus on our own personal development, to build on your strengths and address non-strengths positively – challenging you and guiding you to be the best you can be
  • an observer - whose outsider’s eyes and ears will help you gain crucial perspective on every day issues
  • a mentor - with a weath of personal experience learned at the front line of running businesses
  • a recognised expert in helping you to optimise your communication skills in order to
    • provide dynamic leadership
    • inspire
    • motivate
    • build teams
    • manage change positively and effectively
    • generate and derive hard benefits from staff feedback
    • develop a world-class corporate culture, corporate goals, corporate vision, corporate values and your unique, signature corporate work experience
    • improve staff retention
    • increase productivity
    • attract top talent

Philip provides personalised executive coaching 1-2-1, helping you deal with the specific challenges you face in your role and organisation. As such, coaching sessions are totally individualised, tailor-made – and 100% relevant.



Philip provides group training to managers of all levels, across a broad range of subject areas. Group sizes can vary from 2 to hundreds!

Group Training programmes Philip has previously run include:

  • Talent Management
    • career paths
    • personalised development programs
    • performance appraisals that truly develop people’s skills
    • setting employees up for success
    • career paths
    • developing on strengths / avoiding the Peter Principle
    • meaningful performance measurement and KPIs
  • Recruitment & Headhunting
  • Train the Trainer
  • The Balanced Manager
  • Effective Delegation & Empowerment
  • Outstanding Internal Communication
  • Mastering Personal Communication Skills
    • presentation skills
    • the voice
    • body language
    • authority
  • Delevoping Effective Core Values & Corporate Vision
    • the signature experience
    • strong culture – superior performance
  • Achieving The High Level Motivation Environment
    • managing as individuals
    • treating as volunteers
    • motivating at every touchpoint
  • Leadership That Drives Performance
  • The Parent Manager
  • Running Successful Meetings
    • 1-2-1s
    • departmental
    • company
    • brainstorming / problem solving
  • Creative Thinking
    • mind mapping
    • 6 Thinking Hats
  • Effective Decision Making
  • Winning Attitudes
  • Winning Behaviours
  • Managing Your Manager
  • Handling Difficult Staff
  • Successful Goal Setting
  • Sales
    • negotiation
    • discounting
    • value creation
    • sales management
    • SPIN made easy
  • Planning, Execution & Follow Through
  • Mastering Time Management & Personal Effectiveness
    • importance vs urgency
    • first things first
    • prioritisation and planning
  • Stress Management
  • Generating & Benefitting From Employee Feedback
  • Successfully Managing Change
  • People Types / Personality Compass


Whatever the work undertaken, Philip ensures that clear action points are identified, recorded and that follow through happens  - avoiding the common ‘fizzle out factor’ of so much training and coaching, and ensuring that improvements are sustained.

Wherever possible, clear ‘measurables’ are agreed in advance, to allow the work to be evaluated for its effectiveness afterwards.


It may be that you are very clear as to where you or your staff need support.

It may equally be the case, as with so many senior over-stretched executives, that you would value the observtions and suggestions of an experienced business colleague as to where that support would be best aimed, and most likely to make a real difference to your organisation’s results.

Philip will work with you on either bases, whichever is most salient to your situation.

Fundamentally Philip believes strongly in the need to customise sessions wherever possible in order to match the exact needs of the individual, group and business, and, as such, provides wholly flexible solutions.

For all coaching and training, whether 1-2-1 or in group, it is essential to have clear prior communication in order to identify the specific goals and desired results for you or your subordinates. Philip will not undertake any coaching or training without meaningful prior contact in order to establish whether he can provide bespoke support, add value as you would require (he will not undertake assignments where he is not crystal clear he can truly add value as identified), and agree SMART goals:

S - Specific
M - Measurable
A - Achievable
R - Relevant
T - Time Specific


Philip provides coaching and training to managers at all levels – from successul business owners and CEOs to newly promoted managers in need of professional development in order to address the challenges of a new role (did you know that 40% of newly promoted managers will fail within 18 months due to not actively being supported and trained?!).

He will tailor make the programme according to the individual/s with whom he will be working.

“Given the amount of time you spend at work, would you rather spend it being
magnificant or ordinary?”

Ken Blanchard