“If you don’t seek perfection, you can never reach excellence”
Ken Blanchard

At the start of his career, Philip worked professionally in theatre, TV, radio and film as a performer, writer, director, producer and even as a qualified fight choreographer.

A lean spell, however, led him to take a salaried job as a business researcher.

Having originally intended to ‘tolerate’ this foray into the commercial world for a year in order to clear some debts, Philip quickly realised that what he had learned previously about communication and influencing people in the arts had clear, direct applications and benefits in his new arena. He also concluded that this new arena was not only potentially more rewarding financially, but altogether as creative, challenging and fulfilling as anything he had previously experienced.

Since his decision to pursue a business career, Philip has worked for and run a number of international businesses, predominantly in B2B new media. He has been responsible for the origination and growth of many of the foremost business events throughout the world, including TradeTech, the world’s leading brand of conferences an exhibitions for the equity trading markets. Other industries he has worked with include investment banking, wealth management, life sciences, supply chain and logistics, defence, aviation, manufacturing, automotive, retail, energy, telecoms, transport and infrastructure.

For 7 years until 2006, Philip was Managing Director of a London-based international business whose profits grew 3000% during his tenure, and which entered the top 0.2% of companies worldwide by virtue of having achieved growth of at least 20% or more every year for 4 years consecutively. The company also entered the top 0.2% of all businesses by virtue of its total revenue.

Most recently he has returned from an 8 month turnaround assignment as CEO of a North American business, and is currently coaching and training business managers around the globe, whilst still actively pursuing other business interests.

“Greatness is more than potential. It is the execution of that potential. Beyond the raw talent, you need the appropriate training. You need the discipline. You need the drive.”
Eric A Burns